Dear Charlene’s Light Supporters,

I’m writing to let you know of a big, exciting change that will be happening soon! But first, a little a re-cap about our foundation…

Nine years ago, I started off on a journey to help others. Being an ovarian cancer survivor, I believed this cancer needed an early detection test, MUCH more research, and a strong voice to shout about it to the world. And so it began… ”Charlene’s Light…A Foundation for Ovarian Cancer”. Our mission statement was created:

• Educate women and the community about ovarian cancer symptoms
• Raise money for ovarian cancer research
• Provide support and hope for patients and their families

Charlene’s Light has educated thousands of people about ovarian cancer and its subtle symptoms. We’ve held many fundraisers in Minneapolis and Duluth, participated in Health Fairs to raise awareness, and successfully raised money for research. Our funds have helped support ovarian cancer research, specifically the early detection test research of Dr. Amy Skubitz at the University of Minnesota. We are hopeful! Charlene’s Light has also provided hope and support to many patients and families. Our “volunteer patient mentors” are always willing to talk with other patients and be a “listening ear”. This is so valuable to a cancer patient!

Now onto the exciting news! We have grown considerably these past few years. Due to this growth, we’ve decided to join forces with the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA)!! So what does this mean? For starters, our passion and focus remains the same. Our mission statements are closely aligned. Light Duluth Teal will still be Light Duluth Teal…meaning the Aerial Lift Bridge and Enger Tower will shine teal for a weekend each September…and I’ll continue to be the Chairperson. Our Board will dissolve and so will our name, but by joining forces with a larger organization, I believe we can be much more effective. The Charlene’s Light Board of Directors unanimously supports this decision. This change is a very positive one and will take effect near the end of April!

As I mentioned earlier, I started Charlene’s Light nine years ago. It’s been my “baby” and there are many emotions involved with this change. Like a wise friend recently told me, “Kris, babies grow up”. Yes, this baby grew up and is now ready to be launched into a bigger world…a world that cares about ovarian cancer awareness as much as I do. My work continues on. I’ll be serving on the Board of Directors for MOCA and volunteering as much as possible, which includes planning and carrying out Light Duluth Teal, mentoring patients, speaking at medical schools, and reviewing grant proposals.

Thank you very much for all of your support throughout the years. Please join me moving forward and continue to support the cause through MOCA. It’s a top-notch organization and I’m so proud that we’ll soon be a part of it! If you currently donate to Charlene’s Light via your employer or a scheduled donation, I sincerely hope you’ll continue to donate to MOCA. Their website is: and their phone number is 612-822-0500. My heart is filled with gratitude for your support!

Kristine Greer
Executive Director
Charlene’s Light…A Foundation for Ovarian Cancer